Eulogies of my Childhood2


I bask in the memories of my childhood,
probably the happiest I’ll ever have,
with innocence unsullied by hateful experiences.
Proud to be born in the 90’s.
Children of this millennium know nothing of play and
fun like we did.
Brought up in fancy houses,
houses with interlocking tiles.
They have no contact with sand,
they are unable to draw ‘suwe’ like we did.
They refuse to play in the sun,
they’ve been taught that sunlight isn’t good for the skin.
Oh! Those days,
days when Father Christmas meant a lot,
days when coming first in class meant getting the prized toy glasses,
and wrist watches,
That we proudly wore on Dec 25th.
Children of this days get designer sunshades and watches,
for Dec 25th.
But I’m still proudly proud,
to have been born when the toy watches and shades
were in vogue.
My childhood,
days when going to the village,
meant going to play with Grand Ma and Grand Pa,
meeting numerous cousins.
Days when we hurried to the village on every vacation,
days when we hungered to sit underneath the sky at night,
and listen to moonlight tales.
Now, we wouldn’t be bothered to go to the village,
going there can only be for burials or marriages,
going there is to compete and show off,
the latest fashions from Lagos and Abuja.
I’m proud of my childhood,
Though I will never see it again,
I’m thankful for the experience.
I remember every lil song,
Just like yesterday.
I still wish I had taken my time,
to dance in the rain,
to smell the flowers,
to bake a million mud pies
And build a thousand sand castles.
But I was in a hurry to grow up,
Now I’m grown, I wish I had taken my time.

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