Dreams upon Dreams


It was a cool evening and she was taking a walk when her phone rang, it was her boyfriend.
‘Hey bae’, she said smiling.
‘Hey Sweetness’, he replied.
They were talking on the phone when from the corners of her eye, she saw an old woman slip and fall, landing on her butt. She told her boyfriend to hold on and she rushed to help her up.
‘Thank you my daughter ‘, she said when she saw her come to her aid.
‘You are welcome ma’, she replied.
Bending, she put the woman’s hands on her shoulders and tried to lift her up. She had almost lifted her up when suddenly, she felt her hands around her neck, squeezing tight as if to choke the life out of her. She tried to wrench the old woman’s hands away but her grip was so tight unlike that of the weak old woman she had appeared to be. The woman was choking her all the while laughing manically when she woke up. It was a dream.
The room was dark, she was breathing fast trying to orient herself with her surroundings. Through the darkness, the room appeared strange. It wasn’t her room. Then she remembered that she was visiting her boyfriend and it was the first time she was sleeping over. She was glad she hadn’t screamed herself awake from the nightmare. She moved to his side of the bed and snuggled against him, out of reflex he reached out and held her tightly. She lay still beside him admiring his sleeping form; he looked so serene and beautiful. Her heart was still pounding, tentatively; she reached out and touched his lips.   She couldn’t remember how it happened but somehow, she found herself wanting so much to lie on him, to feel him. It was just a thought and she didn’t have the guts to put it into action, next she saw herself climbing to sit astride on him. He opened his eyes to look at her in amazement when she kissed him. She kissed him hungrily. At first, he had been too surprised to respond then he did with all the passion he had kept bottled up inside. He kissed her feverishly then with a ferocity that surprised him, he tore open his shirt that she was wearing. The sound of the buttons popping gave him a kind of perverse satisfaction. He held her hair up with one hand then trailed kisses from her neck down to her navel, he put his tongue in her bellybutton and licked the area, it made her ticklish and she giggled then pushed his head back on the pillow. Moving seductively, she reached into his boxers and took him in her hands, all the while looking into his eye. He lay still; wondering what she would do next when she put him in her mouth; at first, she teased the tip and then gingerly took the whole length of him into her mouth. The pleasure he felt was mind blowing; the warm mouth coupled with her technique was out of this world. She had been squeezing his balls when he felt her put them in her mouth. She sucked on them slowly, then intensely. He was seeing a myriad of colors; it was like he had been transported to another realm. He had to force himself to come back to earth.
He held her head. ‘Stop! Stop!’ he muttered.
She lifted her head to look at him. ‘I was just getting started.’
‘No baby. Stop ‘, he repeated.
‘Why?’ she asked.
‘You are giving me so much pleasure, I want to give you back’, he replied.
She was still wondering what he meant when he put her on the bed then went down on her. His tongue darted in and out while his thumb stroked her clitoris. The pleasure was building, she felt like she was going to explode and then she did explode…it was epic! His tongue deserved an award.
She wanted to taste herself on his lips. ‘Kiss me’, she demanded.
He kissed her. She liked the way she tasted…it was invigorating. She wanted him so much and she knew he felt the same way but they had agreed on no sex. She could feel his hardness and just wanted to damn the agreement and ask him to fuck her…just fuck her. As if reading her thoughts he said; ‘Baby, don’t forget the agreement?’
‘I know’, she replied.
She had been the one that insisted on the agreement before coming to visit him now he was reminding her of it as if calling her to heel. It was frustrating for her and she was sure it was the same for him.
‘Come here’, he said softly, drawing her to lie against him, he brushed her hair away from her face and kissed her forehead. ‘Go to sleep, Princess’.
‘I want your finger inside me while I sleep’, she whispered against his chest.
Without speaking, he slipped his finger inside her.
Then she woke up. This time she was fully awake, it was light outside and her boyfriend was looking at her with a curious little smile.
‘I have been awake, watching you sleep’, he said.
‘Good morning’, she murmured.
‘You must have had a very wonderful dream because your moans woke me up’, he said.
‘Huh?’ she asked in surprise.
‘Yeah… you were moaning and calling my name’, he repeated.
She could feel her face turn crimson. Damn! She had been dreaming.

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