Denise:Desmond again?


She and Nicholas worked together on the advert for the new soap brand his company was releasing and the launch party was that week.
So far, she had tried to maintain an official distance and she was doing well- at first, he had gone out of his way to be friendly even asking her to call him Nicky but she had insisted on sticking to Nicholas. He tried to push the matter but she had threatened to resort to Mr Young and he had dropped it.

Even with all her pretence, she couldn’t stop thinking about him- she thought about him almost every single moment.

That evening, she had dressed up in her beautiful beige Donna Karan gown and was feeling on top of the world.

She was talking to her boss- Mr Okpe when Nicholas walked in with a girl—she was virtually draped on him. It was like she was waving a flag on which was written—‘hey y’all he is mine!’

He had walked up to them and introduced her as his girlfriend -Andre.
She was half South African and had a body that Tyra would envy- tall with endless legs, a bosom that could make a man gasp and an arse that could balance a champagne bottle comfortably.


Denise was feeling deflated. In her mind, she had been all dressed up hoping to Wow him instead his girl friend had Wowed her.

She managed to respond to the introductions normally before drifting to another corner of the room hoping not to run into him or his eye popping girlfriend.

She was talking to a co-worker when she felt him near her; she didn’t want to turn around for fear of seeing him and his girlfriend. She didn’t know when he came close enough to stand behind her.

‘Excuse me’, he said addressing the guy she was talking to, leaning over he whispered to her- ‘there’s someone I want you to meet’.

Smiling, she turned around to face him only to get the surprise of her life.

‘Hello Denise’, Desmond said smiling warmly.

‘Desmond’, she replied coldly.

‘You know each other?’ he pointed out curiously.

‘Yes’, Desmond replied still smiling.

‘I guess I’d leave you two’, he said looking at Denise questioningly.

‘Yep’, Desmond said still smiling.
‘Well, how have you been?’ he asked after Nicholas had left.

A waiter carrying champagne was passing and she collected a glass of champagne from him.
‘Fine’, she replied curtly taking a sip.

He was still smiling and she wished she could wipe that smirk from his face by dousing him with the glass of champagne.
The picture was so enticing that she found herself staring into the champagne flute- she was captivated by the bubbles and wondered how he would react if she carried out her fantasy.

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