It was a beautiful Monday morning, the sky was a vivid shade of blue and the sun sent its caressing rays down. As Denise walked into her office that morning, she found herself humming gaily and wondered what was making her so happy.


On her table were a dozen white long stemmed roses.

They were exquisite!

In her wildest imagination, they were from Nicholas. Unfortunately, the name on the attached note was Desmond.

Hissing, she almost flung them into her trash can but they were too beautiful to be discarded so instead she kept them.

Throughout that week he fastidiously sent flowers and gifts to her office which she received- wholly because she didn’t know how to return them-they were always on her desk every morning before she came into the office but she had firmly refused his dinner invites.

Each day after work, she would find him at the parking lot waiting for her.
The first time, she had ignored him and walked pointedly to her car.

‘What is your problem?’ she demanded rudely the second time he had done it.

‘I just want you to give me a chance to talk to you’, he pleaded softly.

Ignoring him, she walked to her car and made to get in but he held the door.

‘Denise, please I’m sorry’, he said.

‘If you don’t leave my door I will scream rape’, she threatened, her face contorting with rage.

When he didn’t make any move to let go, she took a deep breath and prepared to scream from her lungs. Seeing she was serious, he quickly let go. She got into her car and slammed her door so fast that she missed his fingers by a few inches.

‘Idiot’, she hissed driving off.

Asides that, her week was uneventful.
She was acutely aware of Nicholas’ absence, he had a magnetic presence that was easily felt anytime he was in the building and when she hadn’t felt his presence for some days, she had asked and was told that he had travelled to South Africa for business,business probably meant his hot girlfriend. She could feel her face contort as anger and jealousy welled up in her and she tried to relax feigning a wane smile.

On Friday, she had closed from work early and had gone home to rest. The day was progressing so slowly. She could see her loneliness staring her in the face and she wondered…

Wondered if she was doomed to a life of loneliness.
It didn’t really matter but somehow it really did.
And then her phone rang- the ever persistent Desmond was calling again.
This time, she accepted to have dinner with him.

Sitting opposite him, she couldn’t help but appreciate his looks- she could imagine Renaissance painters falling over each other just to paint him.

He was perfect!

She didn’t see any reason not to accept his apologies besides; he must have learnt not to be too forward with her.
He reached across the table and gently took her hands in his. She looked up from her plate and looked deep into his eyes.

And then she knew. Smiling, she let him hold her hands.

And this is where we draw the curtains…I hope you enjoyed the series!!!
  For the next few weeks,I will be dropping singles…please sit back and enjoy…
Do have a beautiful week ahead…

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