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The pastor was saying something about ‘turning scarlet to white’ but she could barely hear him. She was in church but her mind was far far away.

A couple of days ago, she had thought she was in love.

A couple of days ago, she was two months pregnant.

This morning, she had seriously contemplated suicide; she was heartbroken and was burdened with the knowledge that she probably had less than 20% chance of conception.

Alero Johnson was in church not because she wanted to but because her aunt forced her to. She had made plans on how to take an overdose of diazepam while her aunt was in church, she even wrote her suicide note. The only thing left was to take the drug, lie down and die. Her aunt would come home after church to find her cold and lifeless body.

Her plan was almost flawless till her Auntie Rita decided that she needed Christ and dragged her to church.
Truly, knowing the pain her death would cause her aunt made her feel guilty but it didn’t stop her from making plans.

Alero Johnson was a 28 year old graduate of Accountancy. She worked in the Ministry of Finance, Abuja as an Accountant and so far, her career path had been smooth, she drove a Camry 2014 model and was in the perfect relationship. Her life had been almost perfect.

She met Obinna in her third year and since then they had been dating.

For five years, they dated.
Five years, four abortions later and bam! his wedding picture hits her on Bella Naija!

She loved him with her heart, money, body, soul… with her everything!

What didn’t she do for him?
At times, she had chosen him over family. All because she thought he was her soul mate, a conviction so strong that she would gladly do anything for him.

Back in school, she slept with a lecturer so that he could pass an examination. The man had threatened to fail him if he didn’t bring Alero to him. Obinna had tearfully narrated the encounter to her, sobbing so hard that she had agreed to sleep with the smelly old man so he could pass.
A couple of months ago, she helped him secure the contract that had enriched him by sleeping with a Senator. It was after he got the contract that she started noticing the changes; he was always too busy to call her, too busy to spend time with her and then she discovered she was pregnant again.

‘Baby, I promise this is the last one’, he had said when she told him she was pregnant again.

‘Why can’t we keep it?’ she had asked tearfully. ‘Why can’t we keep it?’ she sobbed.

‘Sweetie’, he sighed, gently drawing her into his arms. ‘You know how stressed I’ve been…with the contract and all. Now is not a good time and you know it. I’m not even stable financially.’

‘Baby, you know I can handle everything till you are stable’, she said moving away from his hold. ‘All you have to do is come and see my parents and then I will do the rest. We’ve put off this marriage for too long.’

‘Sweetie’, he called gently, getting up from the couch and kneeling in front of her. ‘Sweetie, I swear as soon as I’m through with the contract I will come and meet your parents and then we can start our marriage plans. All I ask is for you to just do it one last time. This is the last time, I promise’. He looked so earnest and sincere that she found herself considering it.

‘But I’m scared’, she whispered, a thin line of mascara discolored tears crawling down her face.

‘You don’t have to be’, he said tenderly. He got up from his kneeling position and held her in his arms, gently stroking her hair. ‘I will be there with you, you won’t be alone’, he assured her.

‘I’m so scared’, she repeated softly.

‘No need to fear, Darling’, he cooed into her ears. ‘You will always have me’.
Suddenly, she was no more scared and closing her eyes she relaxed in his arms.

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  1. The guy is an ingrate and also annoying..
    The young lady Alero should be able to see the hand writting on the wall,take a bold step by separating herself frm such an evil man and also keep the baby to appease the ALMIGHTY..

    • Comment: Most females don’t read the writing on the wall till its too late, even when others help them read the writings they are too deaf to listen

  2. D male treachery has begun again….cnt wait to see continuation…one fing dese guys dnt knw is once a gal let’s go nd let’s God…u r in deep shit!!! Nd karma will end up fyting for ha..

  3. Is this not clear stupidity? So she was expecting him to marry her after she has slept with different men all in the name of “helping” the guy!! No way he would marry her even if he was to be paid!! Such dumbness!!!