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Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold the new has come. 2Corinthians5v17

The day she answered the altar call had marked the beginning of the rest of her life. She was like a butterfly emerging from a caterpillar- all shiny and new. She had felt so light and free and full of something she couldn’t explain or put a finger on. She was never able to fully picture what had happened after she knelt down, all she could remember was the newness…the feeling of profound love washing over her. As soon as they got home she had disposed of the diazepam.

She was new!

Even after she went back to her apartment, days passed by as she waited with trepidation for the feeling to pass away but it didn’t. It grew stronger. She got a bible and some motivational books her aunt recommended and began reading voraciously. It no longer mattered that she was probably infertile, all she wanted was to live the rest of her life for God. Even if she never got married, she would probably adopt, she decided. She began to attend church every Sunday and every weekly activity and discovered that her concept of Christianity had been very narrow. In fact it was narrowed to ‘heaven and hell’ if you were good you went to heaven if not you went sailing straight for hell. She started foundation school and when she was done she joined Evangelism department.

Eighteen months later, she realized her life had never been better. Being spirit filled was no longer a myth to her because she was living it.

One Saturday morning on her way from the gym she had gone to a supermarket very close to the gym to shop. As she strolled down the toiletry aisle she noticed the guy adjacent to her staring at her, each time she turned and their eyes met, he smiled. When she was done with her shopping she walked out of the supermarket without a second glance at him. She was trying to unlock her car when she heard a deep baritone from behind, ‘Hello’. Her first thought as she turned to face him was ‘car jackers’. He had probably marked her from the supermarket.

‘Hello’, she said, her eyes widening in desperation as she quickly looked around to see if there were other people in the parking lot. There was a couple at the extreme but they seemed engaged in a very heated argument.

‘Sorry if I startled you’, he began. He had an Americana accent that did nothing to stifle her fear. ‘I…I…’ he stuttered. He broke off and then smiled, two dimples appearing on his cheeks. ‘I was wondering if I could get your number. Pardon my manners. I’m Derrick…Derrick Okoye.’

She heaved a sigh of relief. She was safe. Her car was safe. ‘I’m Alero Johnson.’

He smiled again. ‘Pleased to meet you. Can I have your number?’

It was on the tip of her tongue to say no. She wasn’t in the market for a male friend or whatever but she heard herself saying yes. Like one in a trance she watched herself give him her number and collect his.

‘I will call you’, he said with another smile and then he was gone. She stood there for some seconds watching his retreating back and then turned to get into her car.

That evening he called her and asked her out for dinner. She had church meeting so she couldn’t go.

‘Why?’ he asked sounding totally deflated.

‘I have to attend a meeting in church’, she replied slowly remembering when she used to have her Saturday evenings to herself. Not that she had any regrets.

‘That’s great. Maybe I could pick you up from your house and then go to church together.’

‘What?’ she asked, her voice echoing her disbelief.

He laughed, a rich ringing sound. ‘I’m sure you heard me. Send me your address and I will come pick you for church.’

‘It’s a church meeting’, she cut in. ‘Like church departmental meeting. You can’t be there.

‘I’d sit in a corner almost invisible and when you are done we can go for dinner. Please.’

Her mind went back to when she used to attend church once or twice a month but even those few times Obinna had never offered to follow her. If he was in the apartment on a Sunday morning he would opt to sleep in, at times even convince her to stay put. She shook her head as if to get rid of the thoughts. It didn’t matter if he wished to follow her to church, she had heard numerous stories of men who followed girls to church just to convince them that they were spirit filled and ended up being worse than the devil himself. I mustn’t allow myself to be hoodwinked, she advised herself.

True to his words he had picked her up and they went to church together.

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