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Hello everyone, Alero’s story is still on and I’m having so much fun with it. Hope you are too?
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Derrick Okoye was handsome and tall, really tall because even in her six inch heels she didn’t quite reach his shoulders. His skin was chocolatey brown, and when he smiled his even white teeth sparkled brightly. He had thick brows that almost drew together at the bridge of his nose when he scrunched up his face playfully. A jagged scar ran down from his temple to his right cheek and she was curious as to how he got it. He left the country when he was eight and when he was in high school, he had been involved in a gang bawl and one of the fighters had stabbed him on the face with a piece of broken bottle. After that he avoided anything that had to do with gangs and focused on his books.
He got into Medical school and one Christmas when he was in his third year his parents had travelled back to Nigeria for the celebrations and just a few days before they were due to return to the United States they had been involved in a ghastly accident. His mother died at the spot but his father died five hours later.

After dinner, he dropped her off at home and thus their friendship was born. Derrick Okoye was one of the most courteous people she had ever met; their friendship was easy, affable and undemanding. He still followed her to fellowship but on Sundays they alternated between her church and his.

That morning they met, he had just returned from his aunt’s place. After his parents died, his aunt-Dr Mrs Nma Ejiofor had taken over his education. She was the reason he came back to the country because she was retiring from practice and wanted him to take over her private hospital. They had just finished a long marriage related discussion and as he drove to the supermarket he had asked God to help direct his steps. Aunt Nma had a young doctor she wanted him to meet and had lauded her praise, he had agreed to consider the match but deep inside he knew that he wasn’t interested in being matched and then he met Alero, there was something about her that had piqued his interest, a strong yearning to get to know her and now, four months later he was deeply convinced that she was the one.

‘Alero Johnson’, he said dropping to his knees in the toiletry aisle of the Next Supermarket where they had met. She was horrified and her horror mounted as other shoppers began to show interest in the scene. Abuja people and busybody.

‘Will you do me the honor of being my wife?’ She burst into tears covering her face with her hands.
He was still kneeling as he waited patiently for the outburst to end. That morning he had playfully insisted they go shopping and she innocently agreed. If only she knew his plans she would have found a way to avoid the about to ensue debacle. She peeped through her fingers and saw him still kneeling, the very beautiful engagement ring catching the light and she sobbed harder.

‘Please let’s leave this place’, she sobbed. He hesitated trying to understand her reaction then he pocketed the ring and nodded. Taking her hands he led her out of the supermarket amidst the hushed murmurs of the onlookers who were sad that their free show had been cut short. As they walked out some boldly took pictures of them with their phones.

‘What is the problem?’ he asked as soon as they were in the car. Some of the onlookers in the car had followed them at a discrete distance to the parking lot and stood watching from afar like vultures waiting to pounce on the entrails of a sacrificial goat.
She was sure that later that day Linda Ikeji or any of the other bloggers would probably carry her story- ‘Lady bursts into tears as her boyfriend proposes.’

‘We can’t get married’, she blurted out still crying.


‘I can’t get pregnant.’

He threw back his head and laughed. ‘Who said that?’

She looked at him like he was insane. How could he be laughing at a time like this? ‘A doctor.’

He listened avidly as she opened up to him about her last relationship. When she was done he took her hands. ‘I am a Doctor too but I believe in a higher authority. I believe that God is able to do exceedingly more than we can ever imagine.’ He looked into her eyes for a moment then bent his head to softly kiss her knuckles. ‘Who can say a thing and it will come to pass if the Lord has not spoken. If it’s his will that we won’t have children then we will adopt. There are many children that need families.’

‘No…no’, she cried shaking her head firmly. ‘You don’t deserve this…I don’t deserve you.’

‘Yes you do. Listen love, it doesn’t matter what happens. What matters is that I love you…we love ourselves and we have God on our side.’ He waited patiently for her tears to subside as she burst into a fresh barrage of weeping.

‘I need to pray about it’, she said after she had calmed down. ‘Just give me a week.’

…and yes the story still continues so hold unto your gadgets. *winks*

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  1. ohhpppssss. This is really getting more interesting as the drama unfolds. Posterity would surely not judge the wicked Obinna of a guy though.

    Please can you hit us already with the rest pages plssssssssss. Welldone.

  2. Super story!! Have u seen men of these days??lool “We will adopt, there r many children that needs families “…. really? a guy said that?? Loool