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The ceremony was elegant and quiet. Throughout, the Senator tried not to squirm on his chair as he relieved the incident, it would be almost impossible for him to look at her without remembering the sex. He really wished Derrick had listened to them.

Four months after their marriage she conceived. It was like a miracle. It was on the tip of Derrick’s tongue to chant ‘I told you so’ but he refrained from that. Everything was going well till her third month when she suddenly miscarried. She was devastated, memories of Dr Nma’s voice as she quoted statistics filled her head and she thought to herself, perhaps she’s right. Maybe I can never carry a child. A year later she took in but she had another miscarriage this time in the fourth month. After that they decided to adopt, the miscarriages were enough trauma for her. They adopted a baby girl of about five months old. Alero’s heart had been knit to hers when she saw the girl lying in her crib, her chubby arms waving in the air as she looked up at them with very intelligent eyes.

‘That’s our daughter’, she had pronounced in a voice choked with emotions. After filling the documents, they took her home and named her Ruby. Ruby was the perfect baby giving them very little stress and as she grew she turned into a very pretty little girl. When she was three they adopted a boy-Ebube.

‘Our family is complete now’, Derrick announced as they brought him home. ‘Or do you need more?’ he teased his wife. He still loved her as much as he had loved her those years ago when he had stood his ground and insisted on marrying her. It didn’t matter that Ruby and Ebube were not their biological children.

‘Only time will tell’, she replied mysteriously cradling their son. ‘I love you so much Derrick.’

‘I love you too.’

And then two years later she took in again.
‘I thought we agreed to stop trying’, Derrick had asked angrily.

‘We did’, she replied calmly reclining on the bed. ‘I just noticed some changes so I went to the hospital. I’m about two months gone.’

‘Baby’, he said coming to sit beside her. ‘Remember what happened the last time, at least then you were two years younger. You do know that with increasing age every pregnancy has a risk, especially given your obstetric history.’

She leaned forward and stopped his mouth with a kiss. ‘I know. But a wise man once told me that God is able to do exceedingly more than we can imagine. I didn’t plan to get pregnant. It just happened so let’s just watch and pray. If it’s God’s will that this one ends in a miscarriage then so be it.’

He squeezed her hands reassuringly and nodded. ‘Let’s watch and pray.’

After the fourth month, they realized that the pregnancy was probably going to last and that was when they went for a scan. They were having twins. They were overjoyed. Twins! God was really able to do exceedingly more than anyone could imagine.

In her eighth month, she started having contractions. He rushed her to the hospital and just when they thought they might have to induce labor the contractions had stopped. She was monitored for five days and then discharged. A few weeks later, she was dressing Ruby for school when her water broke. Derrick was at the hospital and when she tried to call him the network was bad. Hurriedly dressing Ruby, she packed a few things she might need at the hospital and left instructions for the maid to reach aunt Rita as soon as she could then drove herself to the hospital.

The morning shift nurses were just arriving and on noticing her soaked dress as she came down from the car, one of them shouted for a gurney and they rushed her into the hospital. Fifteen minutes later she was delivered of twins-a boy and a girl.

Derrick stood in awe looking at his newborn children as they slept in their identical cribs. He had just come out of surgery when he was told the news about four hours later and had rushed to see them. Alero lay on the bed looking peaceful as she slept soundly, even when he kissed her cheek she hadn’t stirred. He smiled as he touched his cheeks, they were moist. It was surreal, he had given up all hopes of having biological children but God had surprised them. He was smiling and crying and smiling again…

And when the Lord turned the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. Then our mouths were filled with laughter…

This is surely a fitting end to Alero’s story.
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    • Hahaha…
      Contrary to the clichéd stories we see on Nollywood, bad things don’t usually happen to people like him. Karma has a way of paying them back but not in the overly overt way Nollywood makes us believe.
      He’s probably somewhere, enjoying his marriage or having a terrible life. Its in the rights of the reader to imagine an appropriate ending to any story * winks *