Let’s talk about school days: To shout or to keep mum


Hello Everyone,
So I took another unscheduled break from writing. Mt apologies. Like I said in my last post, I will be writing on random topics and I’d like your opinions. Today, I will be taking us on a trip back to that time we used to dread, the period after exams while we await our results. Bon Voyage!

The long awaited day finally comes, after long months of preparing for the exam and spending days in prayers as you await the result followed by sleepless nights and almost no appetite, days of waking up with your hair a mess and face like a zombie’s, devoid of all your make up and glitz. For the guys, there are days of moody, broody waiting and short fused tempers going off.

That day finally arrives; one person gets a call and the screaming starts.
I can tell you how it’s done in my area; Medical school. After the first scream starts, people frantically grab the nearest phones, a BFF’s, an enemy, any phone at all and start making calls.

Picture this, your friend gets a call and she passed, while you sit, finger biting and manically punching numbers with your free hand, your face all the more fearsome to ward off people with their unsolicited Congrats. But they still come, see your friend and congratulate her but as they make to do same to you, just beholding the mere set of your face and they flee ‘Be gone demons!’

Your call finally goes through and maybe you failed. For a moment you are frozen, and then you mumble, ‘Okay. Thanks.’
Everyone turns to look at you and you shake your head slowly, as though the weight of the entire Medical College rested on them and then you whisper one single, sorrow laden word-the course you failed.

Some friends would empathize, hug you or mumble kind words but you might have that overly dramatic friend, probably one of those that passed who goes a-wailing and a-rolling while you, the affected sits, face an impassive mask as you run through a dozen ways of smacking the drama outta her. It’s like that mourner who weeps more than the bereaved. The solution is always to leave that environment, you don’t need that vibe. For all you know it’s just drama. But while leaving the environment, assure your friends that you are okay but you just need space. Talking from secondary experience, if you happen to just up and leave, your friends would think you have plans of suicidal ideations.

But let’s say you passed too, you and your overly dramatic friend(s) kick up your heels, screaming and high five-ing each other. You run out of the room screaming ‘Thank you Jesus’ at the top of your lungs.

The worst scenario is this, when you are in a crew of five and maybe you and another member of the crew passed the exam, while the other three failed, you really can’t celebrate or shout your hosannas, you’d have to keep mum and holla your Hosannas in private, its called ‘The To Shout or to keep Mum Syndrome’. You have to swallow your glee while you empathize with your crew members in order to avoid seeming inconsiderate. You are sad, truly, but to make it seem more real and heartfelt, you feign a heavy, sad face when all you really want to do is dance and rejoice and Thank God.

There’s always the group that decide to check for themselves even after knowing their result, so they journey to the board. These are the attention lovers, not all though. A certain percentage of them just go out to be seen and to receive more congratulations. Another percentage stay in their room, calling up different people to check their results, it doesn’t matter that more than 5 people have confirmed it, they still keep calling more. These are the Paranoids. They keep thinking, perhaps, one person didn’t see correctly. Perhaps it was the wrong result. Perhaps and endless perhaps.

What kind are you?
Do share your experiences with us. Can’t wait to read them.
Don’t forget to have a Spectacular July ahead.

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