Wearing sunshades in the dark


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Umm…for some unknown reason, I couldn’t think of a title for this story till this one; ‘Wearing sunshades in the dark’ popped in.
It sounded good up until it was time to post and I’m like: ‘Seriously, is this the best you’ve gat?’

The incidence of domestic violence has been on the increase of recent and it is really appalling. From the husband who beats his wife to coma or death, to the very rare cases of the wife stabbing her husband to death, it gets worse with each passing second.
Anyways, here’s the story and please don’t forget to drop your thoughts and contributions.

With the first slap, she staggered, five stars or was it fifteen appeared to sparkle and dance before her eyes. As she tried to regain her balance, another slap landed right across the still raging path of the first and she fell, crashing into her dressing table, her mind a total blank as the room spun and tilted. She was in a merry-go-round, spinning very fast, too fast to catch her breath. It was spinning, spinning and tilting and then he was kicking and pummeling her. His fists, his legs lashed out, not minding where they landed, her face, abdomen, chest. When he was done, he dragged her by her 24 inches Mambo twist, across the cold, hard tile, and kicking open the bathroom door, he dumped her unceremoniously, like a sac of mildewed rice, a sac of rotten, unwanted potatoes, he had dumped her on the even colder bathroom tiles, not caring if she hit her head.

As she heard the lock click and his loud angry footsteps receding into the room, she wondered how it… how she had gone wrong.

She had married her best friend, and then he had turned into a rage crazed demon. What went wrong?

They were childhood friends, although he was three years older, they had grown up virtually playing together, she was seven and he was ten. Barbs was an only child, but then her two best friends, Amara and Dave were like the siblings she didn’t have.

As they grew up, Dave was her bestie, her confidante, the most reliable male friend she had. He had stuck with her, nursing her through each heart break. She could remember when he asked her out, back when she was still in the University, just after he had nursed her through her last heart break, it was both hilarious and shocking. He was her best friend and she didn’t want to lose that. She had laughed rather loudly, thinking it was one of his numerous attempts to cheer her up, but he was insistent and determined, not pushy but still unrelenting.

We could date, she began to think after a while. It wasn’t an altogether unpleasant idea. Besides, who better to understand her ‘no sex till my wedding night principle’ than her very best friend. She held out, refusing to agree, but he had held on, fiercely, like a dog with a bone. Finally, she gave in and they started dating.

bDave was a wonderful person, affectionate and understanding. Why didn’t I date him all this while, she thought, almost berating herself for wasting time with all her exes.

They got married two months after her graduation, and then months later, Dave began his transformation into this completely new person who appeared to have always had temper issues which were unknown to her. He began to flare up at the very slightest provocation. Everything she said or did never failed to piss him off.

He needed her complaisant, voiceless, without opinion. Unknown to her, he had always been of the mindset that women were to be seen not heard, a wife didn’t have the right to talk back at her husband, she had to always defer to him. A woman was to be molded into submission…perfect submission.

He had broken her over and over again, molding her till she was spineless, a quivering mass of nerves and scars and tears, she had cried till she thought she had no more tears but they kept coming, tears, never ending tears. She never knew anyone could cry so much and their tear ducts wouldn’t dry up.

Barbs shuddered, feeling the slightly metallic taste of blood in her mouth. She crawled slowly, on her belly to the bath tub and spat inside, her saliva was bloody.
At first, he had been content with snapping or yelling at her, the very first time he hit her, she was pregnant with their first child. That evening, she had returned from a day out with her other best friend, Amara who was almost like her sister. Ironically, Dave and Amara had always antagonized themselves even as children.

“Wow!” Amara exclaimed when she saw her. She hugged her, drew away to look her over before drawing her back into her embrace. Amara had left the country in their second year in the university to study abroad and after five years, she had just returned. Even as they took their seats at the restaurant, Amara couldn’t take her eyes off her.

“What?” Barbs snapped.

Amara shook her head. “I just don’t get,” she began, flipping distractedly through the menu. “We had plans. You were going to be an award winning journalist,” she sighed, almost sadly, “Instead, here you are, married at 21 and already pregnant.”

“Amara,” Barbs cut in.

She raised an impeccably manicured finger. “I’m not done.”

Barbs nodded, swallowing her sharp retort. Amara continued, “I am not against you getting married in your prime. I’m really not. But then, you could have just waited a couple of years, at least one or two before starting to pop out babies like an oven. You should have started your career before beginning to look like someone stuck a giant watermelon beneath your gown.”

“Amara,” she cried at her friends blunt words.

Amara stared back at her, her face softening into a fond smile. “You know I’ve always got your back. Just that I’m surprised and maybe disappointed in you, Dave too. We’ve been friends for so long, he ought to know your dreams, heck you wouldn’t stop talking about them,” she reached across the table to take her hands, “Dave should have known better,” she whispered fiercely.

Barbs smiled, squeezing her hands warmly. “It wasn’t just Dave alone. It was our decision to start a family now. Ours,” she stressed, “My dreams have not been buried, just on hold, briefly.”

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