Letter for 3 (B)


Hello my Dears,
Here’s the continuation of last week’s post. My apologies for the delay.
Do enjoy and please don’t forget to drop your very warming thoughts.

You were there through it all, the three of you. I was so distraught that I began to lose weight. I tried to go back to the house even after Abdul returned my belongings but after the third failed attempt, I decided to go to his office. I didn’t tell any of you. I just acted impulsively. Maybe if I did, one of you might have succeeded in discouraging me.

It was the most humiliating day of my life.

He was in his office, looking very serious as he perused a file. Very serious and handsome. I approached gingerly, smiling broadly but then my heart pounded crazily. I stood by the door, taking in his profile. The profile of a cheating dog. Then he looked up and my heart lurched and froze mid-beat. I began to wonder why I came. What was I going to say? Beg him to take me back?

I wasn’t even sure why I was there. All I knew was that I needed to see him. I just needed to. Suddenly, I realized that I needed to know why…where I had gone wrong. Maybe, somewhere in the inner recesses of my mind, I had imagined that just one look at my gaunt frame and swollen face; he would come back to me. I was stupid…just stupid.

‘What are you doing here?’ he thundered. He was out of the chair and beside me in a heartbeat.

How could I tell him that I needed him, that my life was going to pieces? My lips trembled and my eyes filled up with tears. ‘I miss you.’ I reached out to touch him and he jerked back. ‘I need you.’

‘You fool! Don’t you get the message? It’s over.’

He had a sneer on his face and looked really ugly. How did I ever think he was handsome? He was yelling but I could barely hear, shame had all but clogged my ears. I was bathed in it. I looked around to see if we had onlookers and yes, we had. I could see some of them, I saw Akin and Murphy, they used to call me ‘our wife.’ They probably knew about this other girl but still referred to me as their wife. I saw the embarrassment in Murphy’s eyes before he averted his eyes. He was embarrassed for me. The others subtly observed us from their desks. Even if they couldn’t hear us, they could probably sense the drama unfolding a few feet away. I could vaguely hear their whispers.

I reached out to touch him.

‘Stop! Just stop it!’ He had a look of utter disgust on his face as he deftly brushed me off. ‘It is over…quit wasting your time. Now, please leave my office, you are causing a scene.’

Angry tears stood in my eyes as I stood watching him. He was not only a cheat but he was a cheating coward. He hadn’t even had the courage to break up with me, he just snuck out to go engage some girl. We were together the day before the deed and there was no hint at all as to what he was going to do the very next day.

‘If you are still here in the next 60 seconds, I will call the security.’

I stood motionless. Unbelieving. I wanted to move but my feet wouldn’t obey.

‘What’s happening here?’ a voice asked from behind me. I turned to meet a dark brooding face.

‘I’m sorry Sir. She’s about to leave,’ Josh replied.

It was really over and I had worsened it by coming to his office to make a fool of myself. Whirling around, I all but ran, sobbing blindly to my car. I plopped down on the driver’s seat, face in my palms, sobbing. I was broken…totally broken.

With the new trend of making videos of anything, some idiot might have made a video of the drama. I might even be trending already. I sobbed harder. I was still in that position when a continuous rapping at my windscreen made me raise my head. For a few seconds, I glared at the intruder through a thin film of tears till I noticed he was making the wind down motion. I ignored him, instead reaching for the already stained hanky on the passenger seat and began to wipe my face. When I was done, I drove off. There was no way I could possibly go to work that day. I couldn’t bear being around humans so I headed home.

I drove home, totally absorbed in my woes that I didn’t notice the car trailing me. When I drove into the estate, he drove in and parked beside me. I still didn’t notice till he walked up to me just as I was stepping out of the car. I looked up at him and I blanched. I knew him, he was Josh’s boss. We attended his birthday party some months ago.

He smiled at me. ‘Hello Angela.’

‘Mr Dennison.’ I tried to smile but failed.

‘Please, call me Wale.’

He asked if we could talk. I said yes so we sat in my car and talked. He had already heard tidbits of the drama but he listened to me. He was nice and sympathetic. Every disappointment is a blessing, you should know that God cannot give you any gift that will bring you sorrows, he had said.

That was quite true.

I remember how y’all went ballistic when I said that I needed to get over Andy by having a fling with Wale. At first, you were all glad that I already met someone, even Cyn agreed that I needed a new flavor after having being stuck with plain old vanilla for four years, but when I said it was his boss, the story changed. Just thinking about it I can’t stop laughing. Genny flew from Abuja to Lagos to persuade me not to do it.

‘How better to get over him than by having a fling with his multimillionaire boss? I asked tartly. She left the next morning without convincing me.

You tried to dissuade me but I did it. I did it and I’m having the time of my life. It’s just a fling ain’t it? Besides, an old Italian proverb says; ‘Years, lovers and glasses of wine; those are the things that should never be counted.’ So I’m going to have fun. Did I mention he has a mansion in Banana island? Yep, he does.

There’s something about the forbidden fruit, something intensely satisfying about eating it. Being with Wale is exhilarating…the past few days have been pure bliss. Just one look from him sets my body aflutter. Josh never had that effect on me, with him, I was anorgasmic. But Wale puts the O in orgasm!

It’s really refreshing and I’m very happy. Truly. Just thought I should let y’all know. Here comes Wale with a plate of ice cream in time for my full body massage (he does this trick with ice cream and his tongue * winks *) Got to go now Girls.

With a million kisses,

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