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She took the matter to her Pastor and Aunt Rita and together they had fasted and prayed. A week later, she had accepted his proposal. He was overjoyed as he made plans for their visit to his aunt’s place.

On the morning of the visit as she dressed up she felt a feeling of dread wash over her. A million molten butterflies fluttered in her belly filling her with a kind of warmth she couldn’t explain. She chose a simple brown gown with very minimal accessories and as she wore her ear rings she noticed her hands shaking. She took a deep breath as she willed her nerves to steady but instead she could feel fear envelope her more.

They drove to the house in Apo with Derrick trying to make jokes and get her to relax but the more he tried the more uneasy she felt. The house was a huge masterpiece and for someone who had an eye for good architecture, Alero was too tense to notice anything. Her palms were damp and she rubbed them down the sides of her dress. Derrick noticed her tension and took her hands, smiling reassuringly.

‘Relax’, he mouthed, his eyes twinkling in amusement.

As they walked into the sitting room, she noticed a huge portrait that turned her into stone. Outwardly she was motionless but inside, her heart was pounding fiercely and she could feel the onset of something that felt suspiciously like diarrhea. She stood a few feet from the portrait unable to move or tear her eyes away from it.

‘That’s my aunt and her husband,’ Derrick said with a smile as he noticed her preoccupation with the portrait.

‘I can’t do this,’ she muttered chewing the corner of her lips nervously. She turned to him and said pleadingly. ‘Please let’s go…I can’t do this.’


He was cut short by approaching footsteps and he turned around.

‘Derr Honey’, his aunt cooed as she drew near in her flowing purple kaftan. She hugged him and then turned to hug Alero. She kissed her on the cheeks then drew away to look at her. ‘You look very familiar’, she said. She racked her mind trying to remember where she had met her as they took their seats. ‘Your uncle will be down in a minute.’ As if in response to her statement, they heard his booming voice giving somebody instructions on the phone and a moment later he appeared.

Alero looked like someone had just drained the blood from her body, the diarrhea like feeling hadn’t subsided instead it was like a raging inferno. Her belly surged and raced like an angry whirlwind. Her bowels threatened to revolt if she stayed there a moment longer but Derrick was holding her hand firmly like he sensed she wanted to bolt.

‘Derrick my boy’, Senator Ifeanyi said as he walked in. Derrick let go of her hands to shake his uncle’s hand.

‘This is Alero Johnson, my fiancée’, he said in introduction. She was looking at the ground as if willing the marbled floor to open up and obliterate her.

‘Alero Johnson’, Dr Nma repeated thoughtfully. ‘Alero…now I remember you.’ Her face darkened as she glared at her.

Senator Ifeanyi looked like someone had just walked over his grave as he recognized her too. He was the one she had slept with to get the contract for Obinna. He had been a discrete philanderer but his wife knew of his numerous affairs. Alero had been one affair he had wanted prolonged but the girl had been uninterested in a sustained affair. After her, he had tried to curb his excesses. She was the one that got away. Some nights he lay awake just reminiscing over that single steamy affair.

Alero looked from the husband to the wife and then she bolted. The wind furiously whipped her hair across her face as she ran. With tears blinding her vision she ran out of the compound into the streets. She kept running without direction, all she wanted was to run…run as far as she could from the house. The bible said that when a person was in Christ he was now a new creature, old things had passed away but now all her old things had come out to taunt her. Karma they say is a bitch. This was karma plain and simple. A crazy taxi driver sped furiously towards her and she stepped away deftly, stopping to catch her breath. Another taxi ambled by slowly and she hailed it, got in and gave him her house address.

‘You can’t marry her’, the Ejiofor’s said simultaneously. Dr Nma turned to look at her husband and a knowing look crossed her face. He looked away guiltily.

‘You know her?’ she asked shrilly. ‘She was one of your…; she searched her vocabulary for the right adjective. ‘She was one of your paramours?’ she crinkled her face in disgust.
He sat down wordlessly then he nodded, his eye resting on his wedding ring as he twisted the band nervously.

‘You cannot marry that…that girl’, she declared. ‘She was your uncle’s lover’, she eyed him with aversion. ‘And was once my patient. That girl has as much chance at conception as a…as a…’ She shook her head. ‘You will not marry that girl’, she declared emphatically.

‘Aunty’, he began calmly. ‘I love that girl and I prayed to God concerning her and he said she’s the one. I know about her past and I don’t care about it. The bible says…’

‘Shut up Derrick. Shut up. Who do you think you are talking to? Someone who doesn’t know the scriptures? She was once your uncle’s lover. How do you intend to live with that?’
‘It doesn’t matter’, he insisted.

‘Ifeanyi talk to him…except you want one of your tramps as your daughter in-law. Or maybe you probably don’t mind continuing the affair’, she sneered.

Senator Ifeanyi looked at his wife then at Derrick. ‘You can’t marry that girl.’

Derrick looked at both of them and without another word he stormed out. He drove straight to her house, when he knocked a gruff voice answered. ‘Who is it?’


‘Go away’, she yelled.

‘Alero please we need to talk.’

‘There’s nothing to talk about…please go away.’ She turned back and went to sit on the couch. For two hours he stood at the door pleading with her to open up.

‘We can’t get married’, she announced immediately she opened the door. Stepping aside, she allowed him walk into the house and closed the door behind him.

‘Why? Because of my Uncle?’

‘Your aunt was the doctor that treated me after my last abortion and she was the one that told me I had very little chances of conception and your uncle…’, she sighed sadly as fresh tears filled her eyes. ‘He was the senator I told you about so no we cannot get married.’ She burst into fresh sobs and he drew near and wrapped his arms around her.
‘I don’t care’, he muttered against her hair as he rocked her gently. ‘What matters is that I love you. Alero I love you and you are the only woman I want to spend my life with. It’s you or no one.’

‘Derrick please don’t…’

‘Shush…’ he countered placing a long finger across her lips. ‘If am not worried about your past then you shouldn’t too. Everyone has a past what matters is how we allow the past to influence the present and the future.’

Derrick was insistent and determined to go through with the marriage with or without his aunt’s support. But after five months of ceaseless prayers and ceaseless pleading and guilt tripping on Dr Nma’s part, God intervened and she was able to get over herself.

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