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You feel his eyes on you and each time you turn, he is staring at you, his deep set eyes too adulty for a child. You smile and give a small wave but when you look away, you feel his eyes, piercing, intense.

After a while, you approach the solemn faced boy sitting on his own. His name is Andy, he’s the new neigbours 9 year old only child and they’d just thrown a house warming/meeting the neighbors party.

“Can I sit with you?” you ask gently. He nods, his eyes still not leaving your face. You sit down, your mind frantically groping for the right conversation starters for a 9 year old.

‘You are so beautiful,” he says. His words are soft and come out widely spaced, as though he hadn’t meant to say them.

You smile brightly. “Thank you.”

“You look like that woman in the Titanic; Kate Winslet.”

Your smile broadens so much that your lips reach your ears. You’ve finally found something to discuss and you begin to talk about the movie. He is so smart that you almost forget his age. He tells you, “You have such lovely eyes.”

 “Really? You should see Sammy’s eyes,” you say, pointing at the woman who was laughing loudly at whatever wisecrack his father had made. “They are so lovely. I wish I had her eyes.”

“Really?” he says brightly. There is a spark in his eyes as he looks in her direction.


The conversation goes on and on, till your husband signals that it’s time to leave. His face falls as you bid him good night, on a spur of the moment, you give him a hug.

The next morning, there is a knock at your door. You go to open it and there’s no one there. Instead, there is a small intricately wrapped package on the ground. It is addressed to you in an impeccable calligraphy. It says, ‘I got you your wish.’

You look this way and that way, hoping to catch a glimpse of the person who might have dropped it. You carry it in, wondering what it might contain. Your husband is still asleep in bed and as you open it, you imagine that perhaps it was from him.

You unwrap it gently to find two bloodied eyes staring back at you. You know instantly who the gift is from. A shriek tears itself from your insides as you slide down in a faint.


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