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She ran blindly, her eyes unable to pierce the thick darkness that spread before her. There was a slithering sound, and a soft hiss from somewhere to her right and she froze, then realized that a snake making its own journey posed a far lesser danger, she ran on. Twigs snapped, twines and leaves reached out to brush against her skin, once or twice she thought she stepped on something squishy but she didn’t mind. She heard its footsteps, steady and sure, as though taunting her, she attempted to run faster. It let out a loud chuckle, seeming amused at her frail and futile attempts.

She muttered a prayer to Amadioha and Chukwu Abiama, promising to sacrifice one cock each if they saved her. She begged her chi to send her help. A particularly stupid or rather evil bird flew in her face, its wings battering her, she lost balance, but instead of finding herself flat on her face, she was falling into a seemingly endless pit. Her shrieks echoed and bounced back into her throat as she groped for a hold.

Her eyes snapped open and she sat up in bed. The room was dimly illuminated by a sliver of light escaping from the bathroom. She yawned, groping around under her pillow for her phone. It was still 12.30am. She’d slept by 11pm, but somehow she felt like she’d been sleeping for longer. She stretched, feeling a slight ache in her limbs, then she remembered the dream and a shudder passed through her. Somehow it had felt so real. She muttered ‘blood of Jesus’ and crossed herself, laying back on her pillow. Sleep hovered at the periphery, not coming and not quite leaving. Just when she was contemplating checking the messages on her phone, languor crept in and her eyes fluttered shut. Just then, when she was finally drifting off, she felt her bed sink in, as if someone had joined her in bed. From somewhere in her sub-consciousness, she remembered that she lived alone. Her eyes flew open, warily taking in her surroundings. There was no one there, maybe it was paranoia from the dream tainting her mind. She closed her eyes. A few moments later, she felt a slight movement, as if someone was readjusting in bed, and a light teasing finger tip grazing her ankle and making its way upwards. Suddenly, a firm hand was on her neck, squeezing tightly. A tongue licked her left ear, flickering in and out, tickling it.

 Then a whisper that left her cold and petrified. “You will never get away from me.” 

The hand squeezed tightly, pressing down on her wind pipe as she struggled. They say when you are about to die your life flashes through your eyes, instead all she could think was, ‘Shit, is this how I die?’

Her eyes sprang open and she jerked up, breathing loudly. It was just another bad dream. Her baby lay beside her, her large eyes bright and shiny in the dimly lit room.

As she was trying to catch her breath, she noticed that her baby, who was about 5 months old was laying by her side, propped up by her elbow in a seemingly adult pose.

“Bad dreams?” the baby asked, her tone was light and teasing. A slow grin spread through her face, revealing sharp, pointed teeth as she leapt on her mother, sinking her sharp teeth into her.



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