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Papa Terah stared at Abram, his blank look rapidly changing from I-really-don’t-get-what-you-mean to wait-a-minute, then it burst out of him. “You say wetin?” His eyes suddenly seemed too big for his face.

Abram sucked his teeth, trying not to swear under his breath. “Baba God say make ah pack commot from here.”

“Pack go where?” he cut in sharply. “Which place go better pass where your people dey? You think say you still be small pikin? You wan dey gallivant upandan, instead make you focus knack belle enter your wife na walka you dey find.”

He took a deep long suffering breath, ignoring the jab at his possible sterility. “Baba God say make ah jus dey go, say e go show me de place and say e go bless me sote…”

Terah turned puce with anger. “Close your mouth there. Ah say close am!” he shook his head sadly and tapped his left foot. “My son, you sure say na God dey talk to you so?”

“Papa, na God I hear.” His face remained resolute.

He’d known it wasn’t going to be easy convincing his family. Heck, he’d found it almost difficult to believe it was God who had spoken to him, but then the voice had remained insistent and he knew just what he had to do.

First step was telling his wife; Sarai. She’d looked at him with disbelief, then burst into laughter. “My husband! You funny well well oh.”

He shook his head. “No be joke. Baba God say make ah commot from this land, say make ah leave my people move dey go where e go settle me.”

Sarai looked at him askance. “My husband, how we wan take confirm say na God true true talk give you? You no even know where we dey go, you just wan pack commot? You no happy as you fit just stroll go see your papa? Me, ah fit just stroll go see my mama dem. Na ‘im you wan carry me go where nobody know?”

For days, she’d pouted and refused to hear another word on the matter. At last she’d relented. “See make ah tell you, if the place no good for my body, if e stress me at all, ah go just walka come back. If you want make you no follow me, na you sabi. Dem no born me born suffer.”

A few days later, Abram would set out with his wife, their servants and properties. His nephew Lot would follow him and they would journey to the land of Canaan.

Abram would become Abraham and his wife Sarai will become Sarah. Many years later, his obedience will become legend, families of the earth will count him as their father.


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