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Hello Everyone!!

Compliments of the season. 

Ps. The picture above has nothing to do with the story. It is just a reflection of the season and I think it's really cute😎



After a few glasses of whatever mixture y’all were having, they went from being 4 ladies in their early 30’s to being 4 giggly teens. You take another tiny sip from your glass, trying not to wince as it slightly heats up your throat on its way down. You cock your head and observe them, wishing for the umpteenth time you hadn’t accepted the invitation for a girls outing.

You think of the last time you were all together and you feel a sudden sense of foreboding as the snatches of memories flash through your mind. You feel a slight tremor in your hands as you lift the glass for another sip and you look up to see Furo peering closely at you.

“Anything the matter?” she asks, a slightly drunken smirk on her face.

You force a tiny smile to your lips. “Nah. I’m good.”

Kumo stops giggling only to say, “Let’s play truth or dare.”

Your heart skips a beat for a second, a very brief second, then you lean back on the couch, crossing your ankles as you observe the others. As if they’d been waiting for the suggestion, they quickly nodded their assent, chattering excitedly. They all turned to look at you, 4 pairs of eyes all in varying degrees of drunkenness. You drew in a deep breath and nodded.

You took turns asking each other ‘truth or dare’, beginning as drunken playfulness, with silly questions and dares. The game continues in its fickleness; ‘I dare you to kiss Hilda…I dare you to twerk for 3 minutes.’ Just when you are about to relax and enjoy the banalities, Ziko fixes you with an I’m-not-quite-tipsy stare and calls out ‘truth or dare.’

You’d just taken a sip of that liquid fire when the question hit you and you splutter, almost spitting it back into the glass. You try not to squirm, as you realize that this wasn’t just a game, it had the makings of a cleverly laid ambush. You stop coughing and reply ‘truth’ with a boldness that you didn’t feel.

The air goes still, as though all 5 of you were holding your breath, then Ziko says, “Did you sleep with Hilda’s father?”

Though impossible, it felt as if the air in the room had grown more still. Your eyes widen. “What?”

Kumo sniggers. “I knew better than to expect her to answer. She regards you with eyes that had suddenly grown cold. “I remember the last night we’d all spent together at Hilda’s. You left the room to go get a drink from the kitchen downstairs. You were gone for about 20minutes and I came down to fetch you. I met her father hurrying out of the kitchen his fly not properly zipped. I saw you, struggling to fix your skirt. You looked startled when you saw me. I stood there, too stunned to say anything, then you brushed past me. You left the next morning and since then, you began to avoid us.”

You hesitate, then you tell them he had come up to you while you were pouring yourself juice, reeking strongly of alcohol. How he’d held you tightly with one hand while fondling your breasts with the other, pushed you down, fumbling with his zipper and how you’d struggled against him. You tell them how you’d managed to bite him and how his face had darkened with great fury as he wrapped his hands around your neck and squeezed. How the sound of footsteps coming had jolted him and he’d fled.

As you talk about it, you feel a 16 year old lump lodged in your throat slowly begin to melt. Suddenly, you realize that you were free of the pain.


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